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Yard of the Month/Accolades

Yard of the Month/Accolades : Yard of the Month 2020

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Yard of the Month 2020
Yard of the Month 2020Yard of the Month
Congratulations to our Winners
August:  Jenna E at 8806 Blake Oak Run
JULY:  Kralik home at 8823 Shady Leaf
JUNE:  Santoyo Family at 8818 Shady Winds
MAY: Barbara and Jay at 8802 Blake Oak Run
Your EXTRA effort to beautify and show pride in your yard does not go unnoticed.
See Criteria below for qualifications and prizes.
Special thanks to our judges and to those who helped in gathering photos, providing signs, and distributing prizes.
Purpose: Promote a good looking neighborhood with friendly competition around the goal of doing the right thing.  Curb Appeal helps everyone maintain a strong valuation in their home.
These are just few Do's and Don'ts to consider.
Cut and edge your lawn on a regular basis
Keep shrubs and plants free of weeds
Store garbage cans out of sight from the street
Store vehicles/boats out of sight from neighbors
Trim grass from sidewalks and curbs
Allow your garbage cans to be visible in the front yard
Allow grass to grow over the sidewalk and curb
Allow your home to be in desperate need of maintenance and paint
Allow mailings and newspaper to stack up on the front yard
Allow vehicles being stored on your property to be visible to neighbors
Don't park on your lawn